Dekor Glass Team
May 28, 2024

The Importance of Safety for Glass and Glazing Contractors

Whether working with skylights, glass facades, or designer curtain walls, trade contractors must be aware of the inherent dangers involved in glazing work. Glass and glazing contractors in B.C. must prioritize safety protocols to protect their fellow workers, homeowners, and the public.

These protocols include obtaining COR Certification, maintaining good standing with WorkSafeBC, and providing valid training for technicians on equipment use. Glazing companies should also have their own comprehensive health and safety manual. Today’s forward-thinking companies offer access to online safety apps and digital portals with the latest information.

Each of these protocols plays a crucial role in creating a safe working environment and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on future projects.

COR Certification and Its Importance

Obtaining COR Certification, or a Certificate of Recognition, recognizes a company’s effective health and safety management systems and speaks to its professionalism. This voluntary program involves an external auditor examining all safety policies, procedures, and records.

Maintaining Good Standing with WorkSafeBC

Maintaining good standing with WorkSafeBC is essential for commercial glazing contractors. The organization ensures that workers are protected by compensating for work-related injuries and promoting safe workplace practices.

To maintain good standing, contractors must comply with all safety regulations, report workplace incidents and injuries, and provide their workers with proper training and equipment.

Valid Training for Technicians on Equipment Use

Proper training is crucial for the safety of glass technicians working in downtown office buildings, homes, or unfinished construction sites. Glass and glazing contractors must ensure that their technicians receive comprehensive training on the correct operation and maintenance of equipment, such as cutting tools, boom lifts, and fall arrest systems. Instruction should cover safe work practices, hazard identification, and emergency procedures.

Valid training empowers staff to take ownership of workplace safety wherever they are.

Leveraging Digital Safety Apps and Portals

Digital safety apps and portals have revolutionized safety management in the construction industry, and glazing contractors are no exception. These tools are not just a trend but a necessity, allowing contractors to streamline safety processes, track safety compliance, and communicate safety-related information more effectively, thereby significantly improving safety outcomes. 

Digital safety apps and portals create a centralized platform for recording incidents, conducting inspections, and providing safety training materials and information.

These tools enable real-time communication between workers, supervisors, and management to enhance safety awareness.

A Safety-First Culture for Glass and Glazing Contractors

Creating a safety-first culture is crucial for glaziers. It demands prioritizing safety in the company’s values and practices, fostering employee involvement in safety decision-making, and recognizing safe practices to boost confidence and morale.

Essential Strategies for On-Site Safety

Enhancing on-site safety involves various strategies:

  • Conducting risk assessments to identify potential hazards and develop appropriate safety measures
  • Implementing safety measures such as using protective barriers, ensuring proper signage, and providing clear instructions to staff and other contractors on-site
  • Ensuring that workers are adequately trained and provided with the necessary safety equipment
  • Establishing clear communication channels between workers, supervisors, and property owners to address safety concerns and provide timely updates
  • Regularly reviewing and updating safety protocols and procedures to adapt to changing circumstances and industry standards
  • Encouraging a safety culture within the organization by recognizing and rewarding safe practices
  • Developing and practicing emergency response plans to ensure that all workers know their roles and responsibilities during emergencies

With effective communication protocols, contractors can ensure a timely and coordinated response to emergencies, reducing the risk of injuries and potentially saving lives.

You Can Count on Dekor Glass for Safety Excellence

In the realm of glass installations, safety is paramount for completing any job. Accidents happen

Whether transporting heavy glass panes for architectural wall systems or dealing with elevated glass cladding in a storefront, the fabrication experts and installers at Dekor Glass adhere to all recommended on-site safety measures. We have an internal health and safety committee that meets quarterly and our own health and safety manual. 

No matter the size of the job, our team ensures every step is handled correctly. Contact us to discuss the completion of your next glass work project.