Dekor Glass Team
July 10, 2023

The Benefits of Bird Frit (Bird-Safe Glass)

Have you ever heard a thump on a window, only to see a ball of feathers careening down? Unfortunately, birds hitting windows are a common occurrence. It is estimated that between 16 to 42 million birds are killed annually in Canada by colliding with sheet glass installed as windows, atria, outdoor railings, and noise barriers lining roads and railways. Bird-friendly glass, also known as bird frit, offers a solution to this problem. There are many benefits of bird frit. One of the main ones is how it helps protect birds from injury and death from colliding with windows.

How it works

Birds colliding with glass windows are a common occurrence because birds are unable to perceive the presence of glass due to reflections from the sky, vegetation, or surrounding structures. Bird frit, which is specifically designed with this issue in mind, incorporates patterns and markings that make it visible to birds, reducing the likelihood of collisions. These patterns can come in the form of dots, lines, or other designs that help birds recognize the presence of a solid object they cannot fly through.

Birds play an important role in our ecosystems

The loss of bird populations due to collisions with glass has significant ecological implications. Birds play vital roles in ecosystems as pollinators, seed dispersers, and insect controllers. By installing bird frit, we can contribute to the conservation of bird species, helping to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem balance.

Bird frit glass helps conserve energy

Bird frit offers the advantage of providing energy efficiency while simultaneously protecting birds. Most bird-friendly glass options, such as fritted or patterned glass, incorporate ceramic frit coatings that diffuse sunlight and reduce solar heat gain. These coatings allow for natural light to enter the building, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and lowering energy consumption.

The importance of bird-friendly design

Aesthetics are important for the appearance of buildings, not just functionality. Architects and designers have recognized the importance of bird-friendly designs and have incorporated innovative solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics. Bird frit glass can be designed in various patterns, sizes, and opacities, allowing for creative and visually appealing applications. It can be applied to windows, glass facades, curtain walls, and other architectural elements, integrating bird protection into the overall design.

Regulations are changing

Many federal, provincial and local governments require bird-safe bills, codes, ordinances, zoning regulations, and other legislations. The City of Vancouver introduced bird-friendly design guidelines first in 2015. The guidelines encourage landscape and structural designs to be intentionally built to not contribute to the loss of bird habitats. In recent years, awareness about the bird collision problem has increased, leading to the development regulations and certifications related to bird-friendly design. Installing bird frit not only demonstrates a commitment to bird conservation but also ensures compliance with these standards, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible built environment.

Contribute to the preservation of Canada’s wildlife

Bird frit, or bird-safe glass, effectively mitigates bird collisions, protects avian species, and creates environmentally conscious buildings. By incorporating bird-friendly design features, we can positively impact bird populations, preserve biodiversity, and reduce energy consumption. With the increased adoption of bird frit, we move closer to creating a harmonious coexistence between humans and the natural world, ensuring that our feathered friends can thrive in urban landscapes. Let us embrace the benefits of bird frit and pave the way for a safer and more sustainable future for birds and humans alike.

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