High-End Residential Homes and Projects

Our glaziers offer durable interior and exterior glass systems that are low-maintenance and visually appealing. Framed or frameless, our installations improve the dispersion of natural light and create a sense of spaciousness. Transparent glass partitions of any kind offer a sleek, timeless appearance. Our tempered glass and laminated installations are designed to meet the performance requirements of any location.

At Dekor Glass, we team with design firms, developers, and homeowners to incorporate visually striking, robust glass features that command attention. Our products blend seamlessly with the existing decor. If you’re looking for refreshing new ways to augment a space’s appearance, upkeep, and acoustics, our glaziers have the expertise and materials to enrich your plans.

At Dekor Glass, we’re more than a glass fabricator; our glazing services illuminate successful construction and interior design.

Why Choose Dekor Glass

Our client-focused service provides reliable custom glass and aluminum framing to ensure that you meet your projected milestones. We provide:

Custom fabrication and installation of tinted, laminated glass

Quality aluminum framing and high-end interior/exterior systems built to spec

Red Seal glaziers that are licensed, bonded, and insured

Consultations and informed glazing advice

Products designed for energy efficiency, hurricane resistance, blast mitigation, and seismic activity

Maximize the Design Opportunities of Any Home with Our Glazing Expertise

crafting masterpieces

Our Glass and Aluminum Solutions

Discover how our premium glass and aluminum solutions have transformed spaces.

Don’t Settle For Ordinary. Get Glass That’s Exceptional!